Community Care

Mary 250px'Community Care' at Holy Family is a continually changing group of parishioners who, literally, try to care for those in our parish community who need some extra support in emergency. The group is as old as Holy Family church itself, being one of the first groups to emerge as the parish grew. 

However, with takeaway and prepared foods, before/after school care and home cleaning services so available these days we're not called on as often now. And many of our volunteers work full time or part time, so the way we help has changed, too. Mostly the calls made on us are to prepare and serve refreshments at funerals, drive the sick or elderly to appointments and do occasional cooking.

There are approximately 40-50 people who have registered their names with Community Care to help when available, and as always, many hands make light work! If you're interested in joining the team, please contact the parish office.