St. Vincent de Paul Society

Who are we?

We are volunteer members of a worldwide organisation founded in 1833
We are people of faith, Christian, Catholic
We are committed to “sharing who we are and what we have” with our neighbours
We are local people who meet together on a regular basis to work out how best to do this
We are committed to person to person care
We visit people in their homes
We care for people who are disadvantaged
Some members do voluntary work at Vinnies Store, Pinewood
We aim to “encourage people to take control of their own destinies”

What do we offer?

Support, friendship and we are committed to social justice
We visit people in their homes, wherever possible
We listen to people’s needs and refer people to more appropriate services, if required
Limited material aid such as food parcels, “IGA” grocery vouchers, clothing & furniture determined by local members after each visit

What keeps us going?

The commitment of over 4,000 members and helpers and the stories of people we assist
The Society in Victoria receives very little government funding for its home visitation
and material aid program. 98% of what we distribute is from the generosity of the broader community
People donate money to the Society…they also give clothing and furniture which is given to people in need
or sold through Centres of Charity at affordable prices

Contact Numbers

Pat Hynes (President): 9887 6038
Mike Kenny (Sec): 9807 5568

9895 5800
1300 305 330

Furniture/Clothing donations:
1800 621 349